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20/11/12. ‘Be thoughtful rather than mournful’.

19/11/12. ‘Within our power’.

2/11/12. ‘Personal well-being, not personal promotion’.

1/11/12. ‘Living thoughtfully and without extravagance’.



31/10/12. ‘When parents get angry’.

30/10/12. ‘Harmony is beautiful’.

29/10/12. ‘Simplicity, complexity, simplicity’.

26/10/12. ‘Never satisfied’.

25/10/12. ‘Out of the mainstream’.

24/10/12. ‘How to get over misfortunes’.

23/10/12. ‘Professors and doctors’.

22/10/12. ‘Envy is unfair and unjustified’.

19/10/12. ‘Hark the herald’.

18/10/12. ‘Making life better, becoming happier’.

17/10/12. ‘Staying in control whatever happens’.

16/10/12. ‘Getting rid of bad habits’.

15/10/12. ‘Investigating nature improves the investigator’.

12/10/12. ‘The wise person’s treasure’.

11/10/12. ‘Love of money is reprehensible’.

10/10/12. ‘Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn’.

9/10/12. ‘Old age as a time of birth and death’.

8/10/12. ‘Talking about what we value most’.

5/10/12. ‘Thwarted by necessity’.

4/10/12. ‘How not to be a friend’.

3/10/12. ‘Life is to be valued and respected’.

2/10/12. ‘Good and bad have natural consequences’.



28/9/12. ‘Always wanting something else’.

27/9/12. ‘Friendship and trust’.

26/9/12. ‘Pleasure in the fulfilment of simple needs’.

25/9/12. ‘It is good to show respect for wisdom’.

24/9/12. ‘We are never completely safe’.

21/9/12. ‘Misdirected energy’.

20/9/12. ‘Better to be misunderstood than to dilute the message’.

19/9/12. ‘The delicate art of making friends’.

18/9/12. ‘Philosophy: rewarding and enjoyable’.

17/9/12. ‘Long and short explanations’.

14/9/12. ‘Poverty and wealth’.

13/9/12. ‘Dreams are a natural phenomenon’.

12/9/12. ‘Friendship and self-interest’.

11/9/12. ‘The line between pushing and persuading’.

10/9/12. ‘Aged by attitude’.

7/9/12. ‘Love and propinquity’.

6/9/12. ‘Age and happiness’.

5/9/12. ‘Taking the bait’.

4/9/12. ‘Respecting others as we respect ourselves’.

3/9/12. ‘Find time today to be joyful’.



31/8/12. ‘Veering between numbness and madness’.

30/8/12. ‘Philosophical insight’.

29/8/12. ‘How necessary is necessity?’.

28/8/12. ‘Justice and marriage’.

28/8/12. ‘Rightly anxious about doing wrong’.

27/8/12. ‘Recognizing the limits of pain’.

24/8/12. ‘Social and psychological stability’.

23/8/12. ‘Responding thoughtfully in complex circumstances’.

22/8/12. ‘Laws judged by their effectiveness and usefulness’.

21/8/12. ‘The variability of justice’.

20/8/12. ‘Justice: the same but different’.

17/8/12. ‘A fear to be avoided’.

16/8/12. ‘Injustice and the fear of punishment’.

15/8/12. ‘Justice does not exist in and by itself’.

14/8/12. ‘When nothing is just or unjust’.

13/8/12. ‘Natural justice depends on agreement’.

13/8/12. ‘Bertrand Russell on Epicurus’.

10/8/12. ‘Eagerness can mislead us’.

9/8/12. ‘Classifying desires’.

8/8/12. ‘Hopes and fears’.

8/8/12. ‘The right outlook gives us clarity and strength’.

7/8/12. ‘Wisdom and friendship’.

6/8/12. ‘Some desires can just be left to go away’.

5/8/12. ‘Always act with reference to the goal of nature’.

4/8/12. ‘Interpreting the evidence of the senses’.

3/8/12. ‘Sensation and judgment’.

2/8/12. ‘The need for sound reasoning’.

1/8/12. ‘A life that is finite but full and complete’.



31/7/12. ‘The extent of pleasure over time’.

30/7/12. ‘Reaching the limits of bodily and mental pleasure’.

29/7/12. ‘Justice and calmness’.

28/7/12. ‘Chance and reason’.

27/7/12. ‘Philosophy and the Olympics’.

26/7/12. ‘Natural wealth and imagined wealth’.

8/7/12. ‘The best type of security’.

7/7/12. ‘Our need to be at peace with the universe’.

6/7/12. ‘Our need to know’.

5/7/12. ‘The good, the bad and the reckless’.

4/7/12. ‘Condensed pleasure’.

3/7/12. ‘Radical and conservative’.

2/7/12. ‘Missing out on the best’.

1/7/12. ‘Nature dictates that we need to feel secure’.



30/6/12. ‘Wisdom, goodness, justice, pleasure’.

29/6/12. ‘Degrees of pain’.

28/6/12. ‘Pleasure and pain’.

27/6/12. ‘Death and nothingness’.

26/6/12. ‘Happiness without entanglements’.

25/6/12. ‘Living within natural limits’.

24/6/12. ‘Justice and authority’.

23/6/12. ‘Choice and responsibility’.

22/6/12. ‘Knowledge and pleasure’.

21/6/12. ‘Youth and age’.



23/4/12. ‘Epicurus in Wikipedia’.

8/4/12. ‘Some bibliography at Easter’.



30/3/12. ‘Epicurus and modern physics’.

20/3/12. ‘Legislating for our own demise’.

13/3/12. ‘The relevance of Epicurean philosophy for addressing global warming’.

5/3/12. ‘Survival and self-respect’.

2/3/12. ‘Happiness and its confusions’.

1/3/12. ‘Epicurean philosophy: some recent bibliography’.



29/2/12. ‘Epicurus for Everyone: aim and contents’.

28/2/12. ‘The Second Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy’.

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