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Thoughts for the Day appear on a daily basis, as far as possible. Many of these are linked to blog entries which provide commentary. Readers’ comments are most welcome. Comments are moderated. Unavoidable delays may occur from time to time in posting or responding. Please note that multiple links in a comment will cause it to be classified as spam.

21/2/2013. Thoughts for the Day are currently passages translated from the Latin of Lucretius, On the Nature of Things. I am working through the six books, translating selected excerpts. A Latin text is available on the Perseus website. Other texts and translations will need to be taken into account.

23/1/2013. The Letter to Pythocles includes passages which set out some general principles for dealing with evidence and interpretation. A number of these passages are appearing in Thoughts for the Day, as they have a direct bearing on questions of attitude and outlook.

29/12/2012. Recently Thoughts for the Day have been drawn from Epicurus’ Letter to Herodotus (a follower of Epicurus, not Herodotus the well-known historian, who belongs to an earlier epoch).

19/12/2012. Selected passages from Epicurus’ Letter to Menoeceus are currently appearing as Thoughts for the Day, and the translation of the letter as it appears on this website is being gradually revised during the selection process.

9/11/2012. A list of Vatican Sayings is now available, and also a list of entries for 2012.

5/11/2012. Thoughts for the Day are continuing to appear on a daily basis. It will be necessary to take a short break from posting blog entries. Some materials are to be added to the site over the next few days, including a list of Vatican Sayings (under Texts).


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